The Power of the Handwritten Note

Handwritten Notes Have Become a Rare Commodity.

Personal handwritten notes grow rarer by the day. Some might argue that, in this day and age, where emails and text messages are far easier than handwritten notes, it is merely the natural evolution of communication. However, we believe in the power of handwritten notes. Handwritten notes are unusual.

Each word carefully chosen. Selecting the right stationery. Paying for stamps and going to a mailbox.

They remind someone that they’re not forgotten. These simple acts of remembrance, gratitude, and appreciation can show someone that they are important to you.

It is because of this philosophy that we are thrilled to announce

our new partnership with

Crane & Co. Fine Stationery.

Bespoke designs on handcrafted, one hundred percent cotton paper.

From engraving plate making, to gold leafing, to hand painted bordering and custom envelope lining, this stationery is an art form all its own.

Paul Revere, Eleanor Roosevelt and Queen Elizabeth all put pen to paper on Crane stationery.

Today, celebrities such as Tom Brady and Jimmy Fallon still insist on using only Crane & Co. for their personal notes, invitations and holiday cards.

A handwritten note has a power all it's own.

When a note is written on Crane stationery, it speaks volumes.

Select your own set of personalized

Crane stationery today

and see for yourself.

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