6 Tips for Mother of the Bride Toasts

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The Mother of the Bride may end up with the daunting duty of being the primary toast giver from the bride’s family if her husband (and father of the bride) has passed away, or perhaps the Bride’s father may play no part in her life, didn’t come to the wedding, let alone give her away.

  1. The first (and most important) topic to address in the toast is to thank everyone for coming and to pay tribute to those who helped plan the wedding. The wedding guests who have traveled far and wide to be there will feel a little bit better about the cost of their plane tickets and hotel rooms if they hear that their presence is both recognized and appreciated.

  2. Next it is good to touch on a funny story or memory from the Bride’s childhood. It’s best to focus on positive, happy moments that showcase the Bride’s best qualities. This will let everyone at the wedding know how much you care for your daughter and will paint the picture of her upbringing as one full of happy moments full of love and support from her family.

  3. Then it’s time to welcome the groom into the family and touch upon how happy you are to have him in the family. Perhaps a recalling of the first time that you met your new son-in-law and when you knew he was the one for her.

  4. Make it very clear that you are thrilled to be gaining a “son” and that they are a welcome addition to the family. This is important for the Groom’s family to hear because they feel like, in a way, they are losing a family member thus your sentiments of acceptance are reassuring.

  5. Honor your daughter. It is likely the only time in both of your lives where you have the opportunity to openly express your pride in being her mom. As much as you may think that you express your love and acceptance for your daughter every day, your true feelings are often misread and lost in a sea of opinions and advice that don’t exactly feel like a stamp of approval.

  6. Speak and act like you are the Matriarch that you are. Although it may not seem like it, your position in the family and at the wedding is one of authority. You’re on a pedestal too. What you say and do on this day will be remembered by those close to you forever.

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