Boston Wedding Trends 2018/ 2019

With Spring here, and a little sneak peek at the beautiful events to come in our planning sessions with our couples, I am thrilled to announce my list of Boston Wedding Trends for 2018 and 2019.

Every year, I see little nuances and details that refresh weddings and bring a new batch of gorgeous to wedding guest's lives. I am never disappointed by the ideas my couples bring to me - they are filled with excitement, creativity and joy - and I just love getting to know them, their stories and their future dreams and helping them bring that to life in their wedding planning...

So, without further ado... please find my Boston Wedding Trends for the coming season.


The blush and ivory tones of 2017 remain popular, but are now being mixed with pops of burgundy, navy blue and purple.


Rustic decor with mason jars and burlap are a thing of the past. They are replaced by elegant groupings of brass candlesticks, bowls of fruit, crystal pedestals topped with small arrangements. Mix and match but make it elegant!


Family-style meals are huge right now. Big bowls of salad, platters of salmon and grilled veggies. Even dessert is shared on tiered stands in the center of the table.


Florals that are earthy and loosely arranged. Organic and flowing... anything but uniform are the trend in wedding florals right now. Bouquets are, once again, cascading, as they did in the 90s. Centerpieces are a mixture of flowers, twigs, moss and different types of grasses. Each table at the reception is different and tells its own story.


Creative cocktails housed in their own "Welcome Tent" are becoming quite the rage. Guests are treated with a lovely personalized gesture right upon arrival. Even though the bride and groom may not be part of the welcoming committee, their presence is felt by the beverage bar which perfectly suits their unique personalities!

We are looking forward to a beautiful season where feminine elegance makes a comeback. European sophistication has entered the wedding theming for this year, and we're seeing such classic beauty returning after years of rustic wedding themes. I am excited!

Please share with me your trends for this year...

Amy xo

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