Top 10 Things to Avoid in a Wedding Speech

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When giving your wedding speech, avoid these ten mistakes!

10. Speaking with your mouth full: Avoid chewing gum or eating food when it's your turn to give a speech. Remember what our mothers used to tell us "it's rude to speak with your mouth full." You should speak clearly so everyone can understand your message.

9. Anything too negative: A few lines of light-hearted banter about the pitfalls of marriage is okay when giving a wedding speech, but if you spend too much time on it, people might start to think you mean it.

8. Anything that involves "inside-jokes": We all have inside-jokes with other people that we think are hilarious, but if you think the audience wont get it, then leave it out.

7. Anything crude or on a sensitive subject: Graphic sex, religion or politics should not be anywhere in your speech, we don't want to offend the wedding guests.

6. Anything too short: Nerves can play a big part in your wedding speech and make you shy, but mumbling a few words is not good enough. So take a deep breath!

5. Anything too long: Everyone knows that one person who can just go on and on! When giving your speech you may think that what you're saying it witty and entertaining, but speak for longer than ten minutes and you risk losing your audiences attention.

4. Anything depressing: Keep the tone light! While it is appropriate to mention absent friends or relatives, going into heart-rendering details about someone who passed away is not suitable for a wedding.

3. Profanity: Prepare a speech that is free from profanity, a wedding is a family event!

2. Anything too gushing: Don't get carried away using overly flowery language that will embarrass everyone!

And the number one thing to avoid in your speech...

1. Anything too personal: Sharing family secrets or stories about ex-girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/husbands, should be completely left our of your speech! A wedding is not the time to get things off your chest!



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