Common Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Every bride wants her big day to be perfect. When it comes to planning that big day, there are a lot of little things you can do to make sure that you are one step closer to having the day of your dreams. Here is a list of the biggest mistakes that many brides make!

Going Over Budget

Every couple sets themselves a budget for their big day, but far too often the budget is unrealistic. Be careful when setting your budget that you stay within your means while taking your desires into consideration. Once you set your budget, stick to it. If you choose to spend an extra $400 on flowers, be prepared to pull that $400 from somewhere else. Once the wedding planning is underway, it is easy to blindly spend money and worry about the bill later. Keep in mind that you set that budget for a reason.

No “Plan B” for Outdoor Weddings

Weather is unpredictable. While the odds are a wedding in July will have nice weather, there is always the chance there could be a torrential downpour. One big mistake is not making a plan for the “just in case.” Check in advance if your venue has an indoor space that you can use in the event of poor weather. Set up a tent outside for your reception, even if you may not need it. Some tent companies even have “rain plan” options, where you only pay for a portion of a tent if it ends up being unnecessary. Like an insurance policy for bad weather. There is nothing worse than scrambling on the morning of your big day!


Every couple faces the dilemma of who to invite. Some want to invite everyone they know while others opt for keeping the guest-count to close family and friends. You don’t want to offend anyone by not inviting them, but in too many cases, couples end up inviting too many people and the expense is much more than they expected. So instead of blindly giving everyone on your list a “plus one”, or inviting your second cousin twice removed, just stick to those who matter the most to you….you will be happy that you did.

Waiting Too Long to Send Save-The-Date’s

Don’t wait until too late to send our your save-the-dates. If your date happens to fall on a major holiday weekend, such as Memorial Day, or over a school vacation, it is possible that your guests might have already made plans.

Too Tight of a Schedule

No matter how much planning you do, it is nearly inevitable that something won’t go according to your timeline. Leave a small “buffer” in between your events that allows enough time for running late without the rest of the day suffering because of it.

Laugh it off and move on. At the end of the day, no one is going to remember the small mishaps. They are going to remember how much fun they had that night. The only thing that matters is your new spouse and the love you shared with your friends and family.

Theme Overload

While it is not completely necessary to have a theme for a wedding, many couples have a particular aesthetic that they want to base the overall look and feel of their wedding around. Maybe you and your fiancé got engaged will on a boat and you want your wedding to incorporate nautical elements. Or maybe you two both love to ski so a winter wonderland wedding appeals to you. While planning the décor for your wedding, always keep in mind that, while décor items are individual decisions to be made – a tablecloth, a centerpiece, etc., on the day of, they all come together to tell one story. Make sure not to have your theme go in too many directions so your guests aren’t confused as to which story you are trying to tell.

Above all else, the best advice that I can give you is to stop striving for absolute perfection when it come to your wedding. After 15 years in the business of planning and production, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is that the best weddings are the ones that are perfectly imperfect!

Not over-scheduled, over-crowded or overboard in theme. Genuine, authentic, bespoke...these are the words that describe the ideal wedding. If you can concentrate on these qualities then the rest will naturally fall into place.


Amy McLaughlin

Amy Mclaughlin is the owner of the luxury Wedding planning, design and production firm, “Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles”. Based in Newburyport, Massachusetts and serving all of New England..

AML has been featured in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, NECN, Newburyport Magazine, Northshore Magazine, as well as countless other media outlets.

Winner of the “Best of North Shore” award by Northshore Magazine for four years since 2013. The’s “Best Pick” in 2016/17.

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