How to Choose your Wedding Color Palette

Picking your wedding palette isn’t exactly as easy as choosing your two favorite colors and making them the foundation for your wedding. As you decide the look and feel of your big day, think about the hues that you love. At Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles, we always create a color palette for our wedding couple to pull together their vision and achieve their desired overall look.

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Get Inspired by Your Setting. Having a color palette in mind as you are going on site visits to different venues, will help you decide what colors you may want to use. If you find a venue that you love, but it does not work with your color scheme, you may want to switch up a hue or two to cover up from the fact that it does not quite match the venue. If you want to stick with a certain color palette, you may want to consider having a tented wedding. AML loves producing tented weddings because it gives us a clean slate to work with. We have the ability to bring in as little or as much color as we choose, to create the client's vision. Here is an all-white tented wedding that we designed and produced last November:

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If you've already found the perfect venue, use the space to help you come up with your color palette. The colors of your reception space and its surroundings, whether it's the vintage chandelier in the dining room or the view of the ocean, can spark an idea. And that way, you won't have to work against a clashing color palette and your colors will enhance what you love about your venue. Pictured below: The Crane Estate

Just like your wardrobe, your color palette can be inspired by the time of year you're tying the knot. Thinking about the shade you want to use to bring out the season will assist you in deciding on the perfect colors. A rosy pink is perfect for a spring wedding, while a brighter coral is a summer staple. For Fall weddings, a rich fuchsia pairs well with other jewel tones, and blush and silver are a great winter combination.

Once you've chosen your palette, it’s all about implementing your colors. The best and easiest places to incorporate your palette are going to be in floral design (bouquets, centerpieces, ribbons), tabletop (linens, tableware, vessels), lighting and printed items — all can be used to display color and introduce your palette to your guests.

While your palette will inform a lot of your wedding decisions, like your flowers and your bridesmaid dresses, you should use it as a guideline instead of a rule. Not every part of your wedding has to match perfectly, so don't stress on having every detail color-coded just right. Instead, think of your wedding planning in terms of style, formality, texture and mood, in addition to color

Once you've determined your overall design, it is best to turn it over to somebody who can properly implement it for you on the day of the wedding. Designing your wedding should feel uplifting and exciting. Use your newfound color skills to make it the best wedding that your guests —and you — have ever been to.

We offer full service wedding planning and day-of coordination in Boston, Massachusetts, Boston’s North Shore and The Berkshires. Let us help plan your perfect wedding day. We have the experience and knowledge to help you find the best wedding venues and vendors for your big day!

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