Brides and Their Mothers - How to plan a wedding together without fighting!

mother and bride

The stress of coordinating a wedding can bring out the worst in everyone involved.. including the Mother of the Bride. This article shines a light on the mother’s role in organizing the wedding day and proof that it’s not just the bride that can get demanding and moody.

If the bride and groom are lucky, sometimes the parents lend a helping hand when it comes to financials. Now, this could be a weight off the couple’s shoulders but it may also give the MOB some sense of entitlement. Perhaps if she’s paying, she may want things to go her way. Here are some things to remember.

Some tips for the bride:

  • Remain calm – although she may be overbearing, take a step back and realize that your mother is trying to help out. Be thankful that she is a part of your special day.

  • Talk it out – remind your mom that you are grateful for her assistance. She may not even sense that you are getting upset with her and she may not know you’ve already brainstormed some ideas. Say something like “I know I’ve been really stressed out lately. I know you want to help out but we’ve thought of some ideas for our dream wedding”.

  • Do not put you’re fiancé in the middle of it – your mother is not his problem.

  • Respectfully put your foot down – you’re mother has problem already thought of what to put on the table for centerpieces and what the food options will be. All in all, it is your day and you have the final say. If you want Dippin’ Dots instead of a cake, go for it! Make your wedding your own! You don’t want to look back on your special day wishing you did it any differently.

Some tips for the mother of the bride:

  • Remember your role – you’ve already had your wedding. Try to recognize that you are there to support the couple in their decisions for THEIR own wedding. You’ve raised your daughter to make the right decision and that holds true during her time to wed.

  • Know that the times are different – the style and customs of the wedding that you had have changed. As you watched your baby girl change over the years, aspects of a wedding have changed too. In some ways the “traditional” wedding is phasing out. People are choosing to opt out of the classic church ceremony and other people are choosing cupcakes over a cake.

Although the wedding planning process can cause the wedding party some anxiety, it should try to be carried out as smoothly as possible. At the end of the day, the wedding day should be memorable and everything the couple wants!

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