Top Wedding Trends of 2016

January 28, 2016

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The Latest and Greatest Wedding Trends of this Year

Fashion forward.

1. 3D-Florals. Floral appliques aren’t unfamiliar to the bridal industry, but flowers that pop are. These appliques bring the dress to life by adding texture and dimension, and some serious beauty to an already amazing trend.


2. Ball gown beauty. Sheath styles stole the show in 2015, but A-lines and tulle are making a comeback. Picture a strapless sweetheart bodice with a flowing skirt. The good news about this? It’s flattering on many figures.



3. A hot cup of tea. Tea-length gowns are making a breakthrough. I’ll keep this explanation short and sweet (get it?)



4. Daring dresses. Illusion neckline and back details have been seen on the circuit, but designers are taking it one step farther. Lace appliques and stunning details cover everything that should be covered while the rest of the bodice remains sheer. This trend is very Hollywood and gorgeous when done tastefully. Just don’t go too far, or at least warn Grandma first.



5. Keyhole details. Keyhole backs have been big throughout 2015, but 2016 is shaking things up a bit. Keyhole designs are now being featured on the front of dresses on a smaller scale. Brought to you by higher necklines and mesh fabric.


6. So long, sweetheart. V-necks are making their way into this year’s necklines.
Honorary mentions: Bateau necklines, blush and grey colored gowns, feathers, and bridal suits.


Here ye, here ye:

7. Metallic mail. Invites are joining the sparkly ranks. Stamped and foil-pressed lettering on silver, copper, and gold make for a stunning reminder of your big day.


8. Penned and personal. In a day and age that is full of computers and printers, 2016 is calling for a hand-written touch. Custom paper is coming your way. These invites are not only crafted by hand, they are made to represent the couple. By picking unique shapes–think states, iconic buildings–the couple is really sharing something special about their love.



9. Save the dates that save you a buck. This trend isn’t necessarily unique to 2016, but it’s still something that couples are seeing through to the New Year. Postcards with pretty pictures are cheap, easy, and just as cute as any spendy invite you could find!


Dreamy décor.

10. All that glitters. Metallics are coming in hot with their cool look. Don’t picture the super shiny sequins you used to do crafts with back in the day because metallics are coming back with a contemporary feel. While matte metallics are leading the race, 2016 doesn’t discriminate. From bridesmaid gowns to table cloths to invites (told you so), weddings are shimmering this year.


11. Destination without the travel. People are finding a way to bring their beloved locations to their current. By incorporating elements from special places, couples are creating a new form of destination weddings. Think décor, music, food–Eiffel Tower table decorations, a mariachi band, Italian food. This trend can be taken more broadly too. Have your day represent your heritage by serving a traditional meal or incorporating your national colors.


12. Bright lights. Pinterest will confirm this almost immediately. From impressive chandeliers to strings and bulbs, bright ceremonies are lighting up 2016. Be it vintage or modern, there are options galore to fit your theme and your budget.



13. Courageous color. Vivid brights are what Pantone is calling this coming year’s look. While there’s a mix of softer colors that we know and adore, this year’s colors are meant to be brighter–think a warm and happy place with no worries. What’s not to love about that?


Floral fads.

14. Fresh from the garden flowers. Simplicity is in. Consider opting away from expensive arrangements and going for the farmer’s market finds. Not only can you have fun creating a beautiful arrangement, you can also save a few bucks–Bonus!


15. Unconventional “flowers.” Cabbage and succulents are a blooming wedding trend. Have you seen this yet? So gorgeous! Bouquets aren’t the only place unique arrangements can be found. Centerpieces are seeing this movement as well. Potted trees, ferns, decorative leaves, and even herbs can be seen on tables in 2016. Another thing to note? Not all groupings need to be the same. Feel free to have an array of bouquets and mix of table arrangements.


16. Ombré petals. This romantic craze is gorgeous. Pick three to five different flowers of the same shade and let your masterpiece do the talking. The variety of flowers but cohesive color create a stunning look coming to a wedding near you.



Eat, drink, and be married.


17. Seating chart alternatives. Round tables with place cards are becoming a thing of the past. Tables of all shapes and sizes are making their way into your big day. To get away from the conference event vibe, some couples are opting for long banquet tables to give it that big family dinner feel.



18. Foodies, gather. With dietary restrictions rising, it’s important to offer options for your guests–think gluten-free, vegan, or lactose-free. There’s a few fun ways to do that. There’s always the classic buffet or giving guests their choice with their RSVP. Looking for something different? Consider a gueridon service. With this service, guests can customize dishes as they watch servers specialize their food right before them.


19. Bringing back buttercream—farewell, fondant. Cake trends are turning back a decade or two as couples are opting for the more organic finish that traditional buttercream cakes have.


20. Naked cake. I’ve never paired the saying, ‘less is more’ with talk about cake, but 2016 might prove me wrong. Naked cakes are unfrosted or partially frosted and adorned with berries or flowers. The rustic look that these beautiful desserts bring to the table (literally and figuratively) is stunning.


21. His and hers specials. Open bars are fun, but they certainly aren’t cheap. So here’s a delicious alternative! Serve your (and your soon-to-be-mister’s) favorite, fun beverages. This has potential to save you a dollar or two and also gives guests an insight into your taste.

22. Beer me. With the craft beer craze booming, what better trend to jump on this year? If you’re from the Twin Cities, you’re in luck! The land of 10,000 lakes has 73 breweries to choose from. Bring the beer garden to your reception.


Melodious music.

23. Tons of tunes. Don’t feel forced to stick with one genre. Play the current hits and throw in some throwbacks. I’m not just talking Spotify’s 90’s playlist, I’m talking something mom and dad, and maybe even grandma and grandpa, will be able to get down to.

24. One is the loneliest number. Past traditions have encouraged choosing one DJ or one band. But why limit the jams? I attended a ceremony this summer that featured an amazing violinist during the cocktail hour. The music was not only classy, but it was captivating! Music is played throughout your reception, so this is a great area to be dynamic with your choices.


Camera ready.

25. Moving pictures. I don’t just mean pictures that make you feel something when you look at them (but these will do that too), I mean action shots. Couples are opting for images that tell a story, such as the bride’s procession down the aisle, mom wiping tears, the groom’s first look, guests dancing and singing the night away. While you’ll still want your posed photos, don’t forget to tell the photographer that you want more candids that truly embrace the day’s events and emotions.

26. The highlight reel. Videography is another amazing way to capture your story as well. This is a personal fav of mine. Seeing the best and big moments from such memorable days always brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. This is a great way to share with friends and family who maybe couldn’t make it and an enjoyable way to relive it yourself.

27. Selfie stations. Give your guests a fun way to capture their memories of your big day as well. Incorporate fun props that fit your theme and personalities. There are plenty of fun booth options out there to fit your venue perfectly! And don’t forget your wedding hashtag to make it easy to see all of these pictures in one place the next day!



Now that you are in the know on 2016 wedding trends, it’s time to get to it. Happy planning!





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