10 Ways to Maximize Your Flower Budget

When it comes to flowers, everyone wants to do more for less. Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles specializes in floral design and can help you stay within budget, while still creating your desired look. Check out these ten tips to getting the most for your money!

1. Make an impact by alternating the height of centerpieces

If you love big tall centerpieces but are trying to keep costs down, try using the taller and more larger arrangements on only half the reception tables. You can use smaller arrangements with candles on the rest. No one will think you ‘skimped’ on flowers, they will just be impressed by the large and tall pieces.

2. Buy a few statement blooms

Everyone wants their flowers to look like a million bucks, but cost far from it. You can impress and wow your guests by carefully choosing statement flowers to steal the show, with the rest of your flowers being more affordable.

For example, Peonies are beautiful but if they were the only type of flower you used, you might end up paying quite a bit. Instead buy some peonies but let them be a beautiful accent to a backdrop of garden roses and hydrangea.

3. Choose in season blooms

Dahlias may be your favorite flower, but if you try to buy them for your spring wedding, it can be costly. Just because a flower is available for purchase in your wedding month doesn’t mean it’s in season. Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles can guide you in choosing the perfect flowers in season for your big day!

4. Use more affordable look-a-likes

Just because peonies are expensive and seasonal, it does not mean you can get that look for your wedding. Garden roses are a great alternative at a much lower price, most of your guests won't even know the difference! Almost every expensive bloom has a cheaper look-a-like. Start by checking out the seasonal flowers and you may discover some you like even better!

5. Cut out the smaller arrangements

If you’re trying to get the most for your money, skip the aisle decor and put your money for ceremony flowers into two big altar pieces. What about those bathroom flowers, and in the men’s room? No one will ever be disappointed that there are no flowers in the bathroom. Use them where they count most!

6. Add more greens

Greenery is cheaper than flowers and can add a great visual impact to any arrangement. You might be able to use less flowers if you accent and fill in the negative spaces with greenery. Leaves tend to spread out and cover more visual space, whereas flowers need to tucked together to form an arrangement.

7. Choose larger blooms

By choosing larger headed flowers you are making a bigger impact. Hydrangeas for instance are big and can come in up to 9″ diameters. Using flowers like these, or large-blooming garden roses will help fill out your arrangements. When these flowers are the ‘bulk’ of the arrangements, you can accent with the more expensive blooms and save money.

8. One statement piece

Want to impress your guests, but just don’t have the budget? Put most of your flowers into one statement piece. This could be a floral garland on the cake table, a large altar piece or a stunning sweets table arrangement. By pulling all eyes to the one piece you will get the most for your money.

9. Use bouquets as reception decor

Once you and your bridal party arrive at the reception, you don’t need those bouquets anymore. Put them to good use by having vases to set them in and adorn the head table. This cuts down on flower costs for the reception and puts your hard work to good use. When it’s time to toss to your single ladies, just use one of the bridesmaids’ bouquets instead of having a separate one.

10. Use narrow mouthed vases

As a rule of thumb, the wider the mouth of a vase, the more flowers are needed to fill it. Maximize your visual impact by choosing narrower vases with wider bases. This way less flowers are needed to look balanced, yet you still achieve the same visual weight.

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