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Whether it’s choosing your linens, selecting a color palette or incorporating candles, each of these details will influence the floral design for a truly special day. If it is a glamorous black tie wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel, an intimate affair at the trendy Fifteen Beacon, or a tented reception at the classic Crane Estate, Amy designs reception flowers to welcome guests and delight them with arrangements that are as gorgeous as they are unique. She customizes stunning floral designs which contain eye-catching elements to reflect your style while maintaining a sophisticated design aesthetic.

As part of every clients' full service package, personally designs all of the florals for her clients' event or wedding.

Of all of the decorative pieces you will feature at your wedding, flowers are perhaps one that will draw your guest’s eye the most. They will walk away from your wedding with a mental image of every flower, from the bouquet you held walking down the aisle to the centerpieces on the tables during the reception.  

Amy's ability to make a floral arrangement not only beautiful but representative of her clients personalities is what draws couples to her work year after year.

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