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What makes a divine event?

Gathering for a celebration can move to a magical place in time and memory with the right touch.

Elegant design, hand-crafted performances, imaginative details and a sophistication that simply cannot be taught.

That's the difference Amy McLaughlin makes to events.

Reflecting the heart of the celebration...

...conjuring bespoke elements 

...creating thoughtful moments that will live with guests for a lifetime.

From corporate events to intimate family soirees,

every Amy McLaughlin Lifestyle event is handled the same way...

with elegance, style and intimacy. 

Embark on a celebration unlike any other.  

Capture the imagination of your guests in a way you never thought possible.

Creating an event that is everything you hoped for 

and a million times more is a reality

for those who work with Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles.

Make your event even more special with a celebration designed by the one and only Amy McLaughlin.


Because Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles only works with a limited number of clients each year, our Boston & New England events and service are unsurpassed.  The deep level of service and creative vision we offer is reflected in our past clients' events.

Spirit Ball Boston - Presented by Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles

Event Styling by Amy McLaughlin
Spirit Ball at the Park Plaza Hotel
Party favors by AML
Sparklers by AML
Event Styling by Amy McLaughlin
Event Raffle
Hot Chocolate Bar at an AML event
Floral Arrangement by AML
Formal Event Appetizers
Custom Gift Boxes
Wedding Favors by AML
Elegant Table Arrangement by AML
Beau's First Birthday by AML
Custom Cake and Decorations
Party Decor by AML
Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces
Themed Event Decor by AML
Customized Napkins by AML
Customized Water Bottles by AML
Festive Party Decorations by AML
Customized Cake for Izzy's Second
Customized Signs by AML
Izzy's Second Birthday
Birthday Party Hors D'Oeuvres
Three Year Old Birthday Party
Princess Party Favors
Princess Party Table Arrangements
Princess Party Decor
Princess Party Table Arrangements
Princess Party Custom Cake
Wedding table arrangement

extraordinary productions

Producing the perfect event starts by understanding your goals and desires.  Reflecting the personalities of the day and the reason for the gathering takes deep, creative thought.

Taking that knowledge and melding it into a unique, extraordinary production is the AML difference.

Perfectly attuned to her client's needs, Amy and her team create exquisite outcomes that evoke the very heart of the celebration.  Creating something so very extraordinary that it becomes a deeply held memory for all of those who attend.


Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles creates a limited number of spectacular Boston parties & events each year. By limiting the number of events we work with each year, our clients receive our undivided time, attention, and care.