Wardrobe Stylist

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brand. Its about something else that comes from within you.”-Ralph Lauren

As a wardrobe stylist Amy McLaughlin has dressed her clients for every event from the Academy Awards to the President’s Inaugural Address. Amy is also well known for her expertise in styling for photo-shoots, television commercials and music videos. The wardrobe styling process begins with reviewing your lifestyle and needs. From here, Amy will hone in on the specific looks and wardrobe pieces that are best suited for you. Amy’s clients often tell her that working with her, felt as if they had their most trusted, and stylish girlfriend with them in their dressing room.

Amy’s goal in styling her clients is to create both an educational and enjoyable experience. She focuses on empowering individuals to feel their best and through the clothing selections they make. Updating and customizing her clients wardrobe to inspire confidence and look spectacular. Amy is skilled at working with each individual’s personal lifestyle and budget. Her talent lies helping clients identify their own unique style, which enhances their natural beauty regardless of shape and size. As a wardrobe stylist Amy’s mission is to bring femininity and style into her clients lives and remind them that they are beautiful in a way that is all their own.

If you’re ready to revamp your style this season be sure to contact Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles for its professional wardrobe assistance.

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