Closet Makeover

“I wear my sort of clothes to save me the trouble of deciding which clothes to wear.”-Katherine Hepburn

What to wear? How often do you ask yourself this question while standing at your closet door? There is your closet, full of clothes and yet you have nothing to wear. So you pull something, anything, out, put it on, and perhaps you spend the rest of the day feeling just a little self-conscious. Are these pants flattering? Do these things work together? Are they appropriate? Do they fit well? Are they too tight? Are they a little uncomfortable? Why is getting dressed in the morning so difficult when you have a closet full of clothes?

An in-depth closet makeover may be just what you have been looking for to give yourself that little “lifestyle lift” you’ve been dying for. Our team will fully evaluate your closet from sweaters to shoes, then help you re-discover and refine your style without having to splurge on a whole new wardrobe. We will categorize and color coordinate, while setting aside those outdated items for you to donate as you see fit.

Finally, we will construct a detailed, prioritized list of pieces that we think you desperately need in your closet. Based upon your budget, the list will include vendor, store and sizing suggestions. Most of our clients will then use us as their own personal shopping service to assist them in shopping for new items with our list of recommendations. With this, you will be well on your way to an amazing new wardrobe and a newfound understanding of what truly works for you.

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Closet Makeovers